Daniel Joelson Niranjan

Called to Awaken and Empower

Daniel Joelson Niranjan (Aka Daniel Niranjan)

Daniel Joelson Niranjan


Daniel “Danny” Joelson Niranjan (Daniel Niranjan), a graduate of Life Pacific University (San Dimas, CA) and TNIU (Bellevue, WA), is a Bible scholar practitioner with a prophetic flame to ignite spiritual awakening in Christians worldwide.

Deeply rooted in the legacy of the Holy Spirit, Danny’s passion is to facilitate the Divine Presence and harmonize his heartbeat with the rhythm of God’s. His journey is a testament to the profound privilege of ministering to the heart of God, where the sacred and the secular seamlessly intertwine.

Danny’s lifelong immersion in Scripture, passionate communion with God in prayer, and vibrant walk with the Holy Spirit have uniquely equipped him to illuminate scriptural truths and shepherd others into a deep and intimate relationship with God.

He is also a gifted and engaging teacher, speaker, and mentor. Danny’s passion for missions has taken him to the farthest reaches of the globe, where he has championed community development, provided humanitarian aid, and shared the life-transforming gospel of Christ, confirmed by miraculous signs and wonders. His fiery passion to ignite spiritual awakening has empowered countless believers to live out their faith in bold and transformative ways. From practical outreach initiatives to life-giving sermons to illuminating workshops, he has equipped and trained modern-day disciples who are now igniting sustainable ministries and outreach programs around the globe.

Now through Divine Disclosures, Danny brings together his biblical expertise, gift of teaching, and missionary heart to ignite spiritual awakening worldwide. He challenges all to delve deep into Scripture, connect intimately with God, and step boldly into their divine purpose.

Join Danny on this adventure...

where transformation awaits and you are equipped to walk in the fullness of your calling.