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Do you need a breakthrough? Do you have an urgent prayer request for healing or your family? Are you facing an emergency or are you seeking miracles, provision, or guidance from the Lord?

We believe in the power of prayer and stand ready to uplift your urgent prayer requests before God.

Urgent Prayer Request

Facing a time-sensitive situation that needs immediate attention? We understand that certain moments require a swift outpouring of prayer and support. Submit your urgent prayer request, and our caring community will be praying for you right away.

Emergency Prayer Request

Sometimes life throws us curveballs. When you’re facing a emergency situation – a sudden life-threatening illness, an accident, a threat to safety – know that our community stands with you in prayer. Share your emergency prayer requests here, and we will pray.

General Prayer Request

Life can present a variety of challenges. Perhaps you’re seeking strength for a difficult situation, wisdom in decision-making, or peace and comfort in your daily life. Share your prayer requests, big or small, and know that our community will be lifting you in prayer.

Submit your urgent prayer request below, and our dedicated team will faithfully pray for your urgent needs.

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We value your privacy. All urgent prayer requests submitted through this website are kept confidential. We will never share your information with anyone without your consent.


You are not alone. We believe in the power of prayer, and we are here for you. During challenging times, knowing there are others praying for you can be a source of strength and hope.


We encourage you to update your urgent prayer request or share answered prayers. This can be a powerful way to show God’s faithfulness and inspire others on their journeys.

A prayer request is a heartfelt plea to God, shared with others, seeking their intercession and support in bringing specific needs, challenges, or desires before the Lord in prayer. It’s a humble acknowledgment of our dependence on God’s grace and the power of collective prayer, inviting others to join us in seeking God’s guidance, comfort, healing, or provision in our lives.


An urgent prayer request is a heartfelt plea for immediate divine intervention in a time-sensitive, critical situation.

These severe urgent prayer requests arise during moments of crisis where the need for God’s help feels paramount. They can involve:

  • Sudden illness or health concerns: A loved one’s sudden illness, a serious medical diagnosis, or a dangerous accident might prompt an urgent prayer request for healing and strength.
  • Financial hardship: Facing an unexpected financial crisis, job loss, or the threat of losing your home could lead to a desperate plea for God’s provision and guidance.
  • Spiritual warfare: Struggling with overwhelming temptations, feeling lost or attacked spiritually can lead to an urgent prayer request for God’s protection and clarity.

Urgent prayer requests express a sense of desperation and urgency, seeking God’s:

  • Guidance: In situations requiring immediate decisions, wisdom and discernment are paramount.
  • Comfort: Knowing others are praying and lifting them up in faith can bring comfort during difficult times.
  • Healing: Urgent prayers can be for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.
  • Provision: When facing financial hardship, urgent prayers might be for God’s provision of resources and solutions.

These heartfelt pleas are met with fervent intercession from believers who join together in faith. They trust in God’s power to bring miraculous solutions and breakthroughs even in the midst of urgent circumstances.

During such moments of crisis or urgent need, submitting an emergency prayer request can provide a lifeline of spiritual support. Whether facing sudden illness, financial turmoil, or unexpected challenges, Divine Disclosures welcomes and prioritizes emergency prayer requests online

Urgent Prayer Request for Healing

In times of illness and affliction, an urgent prayer for healing becomes a fervent cry for relief. Whether it’s for oneself or a loved one grappling with sickness, the urgency stems from a deep longing for restoration and wholeness. At Divine Disclosures, we understand the gravity of urgent prayer requests for healing, recognizing the need for immediate divine intervention to bring about miraculous healing and recovery.

Urgent Prayer Request for Financial Blessing

Financial crises can strike suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving individuals and families reeling from the impact. An urgent prayer request for financial blessing reflects the urgency of the situation, as individuals seek God’s provision and provision amidst financial turmoil. Divine Disclosures welcomes urgent prayer requests for financial blessings, believing in God’s ability to provide abundantly and meet every need according to His riches in glory.

Urgent Prayer Request for Deliverance

In moments of spiritual warfare and oppression, an urgent prayer for deliverance becomes a beacon of hope for those ensnared by darkness. Whether it’s battling addiction, oppression, or spiritual bondage, the urgency of the prayer request signifies a pressing need for freedom and liberation. At Divine Disclosures, we stand ready to intercede fervently for those in need of urgent deliverance, believing in the power of prayer to break chains and set captives free.

Severe Urgent Prayer Request

Some prayer requests carry an intensity that defies description, where the weight of the burden feels almost unbearable. These severe urgent prayer requests encapsulate moments of profound crisis, where every second counts, and divine intervention is the only hope. At Divine Disclosures, we approach severe urgent prayer requests with utmost urgency and sincerity, recognizing the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate divine intervention.

Submitting Your Urgent Prayer Request

Submitting an urgent prayer request online form at Divine Disclosures ensures that your plea reaches a community of believers who will join you in prayer without delay. Our platform offers a space where urgent prayer requests are met with compassion, empathy, and unwavering faith. Whether you’re seeking healing, financial breakthrough, deliverance, or any other urgent need, you can trust that your request will be lifted up in fervent prayer by our dedicated prayer team led by Daniel Joelson Niranjan.

In moments of urgency, when time is of the essence and the need is dire, know that you’re not alone. Divine Disclosures is here to stand with you in prayer, believing in the power of God to intervene miraculously and bring about breakthroughs in your time of need.

An emergency prayer request is a plea for immediate divine intervention in a critical situation. These situations often involve threats to life, safety, or well-being and require a sense of urgency in the prayer.

Here are some characteristics of an emergency prayer request:

  • Urgency: The situation demands immediate attention and prayers focus on a quick resolution.
  • Seriousness: The situation poses a significant threat – it could be a sudden illness, accident, natural disaster, or a threat to safety.
  • Emotional Distress: The person making the request is likely experiencing fear, worry, or helplessness.

Here are some examples of emergency prayer requests:

  • A loved one is in critical condition after an accident.
  • A natural disaster is threatening a community.
  • Someone is facing a violent situation and needs immediate protection.
  • A fire threatens a home or loved ones.
  • Briefly state your urgent prayer request or situation.
  • Be specific as you feel comfortable, but it’s okay to keep things private.
  • You can mention how you’d like prayer to impact the situation (e.g., strength, wisdom, healing).
  • Conclude with gratitude for those who will pray for you.
  • Briefly describe the situation your family is facing and what the urgent or emergency prayer request is.
  • Be specific about how you’d like prayer to help your family (e.g., unity, comfort, guidance).
  • Maintain privacy for family members if needed.
  • Briefly describe the urgent prayer requests for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing you or someone you know needs.
  • You can mention specific areas needing healing or pray for God’s will.
  • Show faith in God’s power to heal.
  • Focus on the situation or need for urgent prayer.
  • Be clear and concise, but feel free to express your emotions authentically.
  • If comfortable, you can mention how such urgent or emergency prayers have helped you in the past.

Short Answer: There are numerous free urgent prayer request sites online, but the prayer team led by Daniel Joelson Niranjan at Divine Disclosures stands out as the best choice.

Explanation: While there are many online platforms where you can submit urgent prayer requests, Divine Disclosures offers a unique and powerful prayer experience. Here’s why it’s the best place to go:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Daniel Joelson Niranjan, a Spirit-filled minister and visionary leader, brings profound expertise and experience to the prayer team at Divine Disclosures. His deep understanding of biblical principles and connection with the Holy Spirit ensures that urgent prayers are not just words but are infused with divine power and insight.

  2. Biblical Foundation: At Divine Disclosures, prayer is rooted in biblical truth. Daniel and his team understand the importance of aligning prayers with God’s will as revealed in Scripture. This ensures that urgent prayers are effective and in accordance with God’s plan for your life.

  3. Personalized Attention: Unlike some generic urgent prayer request sites, Divine Disclosures offers personalized attention to each urgent prayer request. The prayer team takes the time to understand your specific needs and intercede on your behalf with sincerity and compassion.

  4. Community Support: Submitting a urgent prayer request to Divine Disclosures means you’re joining a community of believers who are committed to lifting each other up in prayer. The collective faith and support of this community can provide encouragement and strength during difficult times.

  5. Track Record of Results: Many individuals have experienced breakthroughs and answered prayers through the ministry of Divine Disclosures. Testimonials and stories of God’s faithfulness serve as evidence of the effectiveness of their prayer team.

  6. Spirit-Filled Atmosphere: The prayer team at Divine Disclosures operates in a Spirit-filled atmosphere, where the presence and power of God are tangibly felt. This environment fosters faith and expectation for miracles to happen.

In summary, while there are various options for submitting urgent prayer requests online, the prayer team led by Daniel Joelson Niranjan at Divine Disclosures stands out for its expertise, biblical foundation, personalized attention, community support, track record of results, and Spirit-filled atmosphere. When you need emergency prayer, you can trust Divine Disclosures to intercede on your behalf with faith, wisdom, and love.

Here is an example of an Urgent Prayer Request:

My brother, Michael, was just rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a car accident. We are waiting for news and doctors are unsure of the extent of his injuries. Please pray for healing for Michael, for strength and guidance for the medical team, and for peace and comfort for my family during this scary time.

Here is an example of an Emergency Prayer Request:

Our house is caught in a fire! Everyone got out safely, but the flames are spreading fast. Please pray for the firefighters battling the blaze to control it quickly and keep everyone safe. We are also praying for the safety of our home and belongings, but most importantly, we give thanks for our family being unharmed.

Urgent Prayer Request Testimonials at Divine Disclosures

"Last night, a fire broke out in our kitchen. Flames were spreading quickly, and I was terrified. In that moment of panic, I remembered the Divine Disclosures community and sent out an urgent prayer request. Incredibly, a neighbor saw the smoke and called the fire department. By the time they arrived, the fire was contained! I'm convinced the outpouring of prayers helped us avoid a major disaster. I'm eternally grateful for this community."
Lydia G.
Fire averted
"My teenage son, Michael, was in a terrible bike accident. The doctors feared lasting injuries. Devastated, I turned to Divine Disclosures for support. The community rallied, sending prayers for Michael's healing. The weeks of recovery were long, but Michael surprised everyone with his progress. He's now back on his bike, and the doctors say he's made a full recovery. We believe the prayers played a vital role in his healing journey."
John S.
Recovery from accident
"The most terrifying experience of my life was when my toddler wandered away from the playground. Panic seized me, and I immediately reached out to Divine Disclosures with a emergency prayer request. The community responded swiftly, sending prayers for my son's safety and guidance for those searching. Miraculously, a kind stranger found my son within minutes and brought him back to me unharmed. I have no doubt the prayers helped keep him safe and led him back to me."
Sarah B.
Lost child found safe
"Since finding Divine Disclosures, prayer has become a powerful source of strength in my life. During a recent emergency, the community's prayers brought me immense comfort and a sense of hope. While I can't share specifics, I believe the collective prayers played a significant role in helping me through a difficult time."
Anushka B.
General Testimonial
"My wife, Emily, woke up one morning struggling to breathe. The hospital diagnosed her with a rare and aggressive illness. Doctors gave her a very slim chance of recovery. Feeling helpless and heartbroken, I turned to Divine Disclosures for support. Miraculously, Emily responded positively to a new treatment. Within weeks, she was back home, and the doctors are amazed by her recovery. We believe the unwavering prayers played a crucial role in her healing. This experience has deepened our faith and shown us the incredible power of a supportive community."
Alan T.
Sudden illness, miraculous recovery
"My child became critically ill with a sudden and severe infection. Doctors were working tirelessly, but the situation felt hopeless. In a moment of desperation, I submitted an urgent prayer request on this website. The response was incredible. People from all over also shared prayers and well wishes. Miraculously, my child's condition began to improve within hours. She made a full recovery, and I'm convinced the outpouring of prayer played a major role. Thank you to everyone who prayed for my child during that terrifying time."
Lisa A.
Urgent Healing

More Powerful Testimonials at Divine Disclosures

"For years, I struggled with chronic migraines that left me debilitated. Doctors couldn't find a cure, and traditional medicine offered little relief. In desperation, I submitted a prayer request for healing on Divine Disclosures. The outpouring of support and prayers was overwhelming. Shortly after, I experienced a significant decrease in migraines, and within a few months, they were gone completely. I believe the prayers of this community played a vital role in my healing. Thank you!"
Sarah M.
"I was facing a major career decision, feeling lost and unsure of the right path. I submitted a prayer request for guidance, seeking clarity and direction. Within days, a job opportunity arose that perfectly aligned with my skills and values. It felt like a divine answer to my prayers. I am now thriving in my new role, and I'm so grateful for the prayers that helped lead me here."
David L.
"My family was going through a very difficult time, and I felt overwhelmed by fear and despair. I submitted a prayer request for strength and unity. The support from this community was a source of immense comfort. We leaned on our faith and on each other, and slowly, things began to improve. We emerged from that challenging time stronger than ever before. Thank you for being a beacon of hope during our darkest hour."
The Williams Family