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A Word From Daniel Niranjan

Many of you have inquired about supporting my work, and I’m truly grateful! This platform requires ongoing resources for content creation, maintenance, and improvements – all to ensure it remains a free and valuable resource for everyone.

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Moreover, My online ministry transcends geographical boundaries, offering resources and fostering a global community of faith. However, as a minister based in a developing country, resources are limited. Traveling to connect with communities and creating multilingual content pose significant financial challenges.

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When you support Divine Disclosures, you become a co-laborer in this vital ministry, qualified to reap the rich spiritual fruit that abounds through our work. Your partnership allows you to partake in the multitudes of lives being transformed by the liberating truth of God’s Word.

Can you Make a difference?

Definitely. There is no donation too small to make an eternal difference. Each act of support, whether financial or through prayer, keeps this Spirit-led ministry pressing onwards in its mission to reach the lost and equip the saints for the end-time harvest ahead. Your little is much here!

Is this Ministry Fruitful?

Just look at the testimonies pouring in and our rapidly growing digital footprint – it’s undeniable that God is using Divine Disclosures mightily to nurture spiritual growth and spark revival. Your seed is being planted in fertile ground, yielding a bountiful harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

Donor Testimonials

"Since I started supporting this ministry, I've felt a renewed sense of purpose in my faith journey. Giving back allows me to be a part of something bigger."
- David A., UK
"Your ministry has been a blessing in my life. Donating is a small way for me to show my gratitude and ensure this valuable resource continues to reach others."
- Maria T., Philippines
"As a fellow Sri Lankan, I'm proud to support this ministry that bridges the gap between faith and technology. Your resources, accessible in Sinhala, have been a valuable tool for me and many others in my community!"
- Priya J., Sri Lanka
"Investing in this ministry feels like investing in my own spiritual well-being. Knowing my contribution helps others strengthens my own faith."
- Daniel H., Germany
"Donating to Divine Disclosures allows me to share the blessings I've received. Your content, translated into Spanish, is a source of inspiration for my family and me in Mexico. Thank you for spreading God's word so widely!"
- Miguel R., Mexico
"I believe in the power of community. Donating to Divine Disclosures allows me to join a global movement of faith and contribute to spreading hope worldwide."
- Sarah P., South Africa